Why Us?

Why choose The Dog Hub Noosa for your dog’s grooming needs?

Our mission is to prioritize the health and safety of all the dogs in our care both physically and of course mentally too.

  1. Personalized attention: In our grooming salon, your dog will receive personalized attention from our groomer. We   give your dog 100% of our attention in a  one-on-one environment, get to know your dog’s unique personality and preferences, and tailor their grooming approach accordingly.

  2. Reduced stress: Our  grooming salon is less overwhelming and intimidating for dogs, especially those who are anxious or nervous about being groomed. With your dogs being the sole pup in the salon at any given time, your dog will feel more relaxed and comfortable.

  3. Shorter wait times: In a salon there will never be any other dogs  waiting to be groomed, which will result in shorter wait times. This means that your dog can get in and out of the salon more quickly, reducing the amount of time they spend in an unfamiliar environment.

What type of groom is suitable for my dog?

We all want to make our doggies adorable and keep their coats and skin as healthy as possible. At the Dog Hub Noosa we strive to work closely with all owners to achieve their desired  and always will strive for what’s the best for each individual dog.

  1. Teddy Bear Trim, Puppy Clip, or Winter Cut- This style involves maintaining a uniform length of hair all over the body, typically accompanied by a round-shaped head (known as the Teddy Head). The tail and ears are left longer but tidied up. It is commonly employed for dogs that are trimmed shorter during summer and allowed to grow longer in winter, thus the term “winter cut.”
  2. Summer Cut- With a summer cut, the body is clipped short while leaving longer hair on the head and tail. The specific length of the body hair depends on the groomer and owner’s interpretation, so it is important to specify the desired length. Merely stating “short” can encompass a wide range of possibilities. Generally, a summer cut entails leaving enough hair for the dog to maintain some coverage, typically around 4mm.
  3. Tidy, Half Groom, Hygiene Clip, or Trim- This type of grooming involves shaving the bottom, paw pads, and belly hair short for hygiene purposes. It often includes a paw trim to remove any hair that touches the floor, an eye/visor trim to improve visibility for the dog, and the removal of tear staining if necessary.
    *Note: A trim does not refer to the amount of coat length removed; rather, it pertains to tidying up the dog’s coat for a neat appearance. Any substantial hair removal from the body would be considered a full groom.
  4. Full Groom/Full Clip– A full groom typically refers to a comprehensive grooming service provided to any breed of dog. A full clip specifically denotes the entire dog being clipped to a desired length as per the owner’s request or based on the condition of the coat.
  5. Deshedding- This service is particularly beneficial for double-coated breeds during shedding season. Deshedding involves the removal of the dog’s loosened undercoat to prevent matting and excessive shedding. It entails thorough brushing and a spectacular flurry of hair during a comprehensive wash and turbo dry process!