Puppy school…

So you have a new puppy – you have collected all the new toys, puppy-proofed the house, set up their space, and researched a high quality food…now how do we get this puppy to understand what we want from it?

The most common next step for owners is to research dog trainers which may bring up a local puppy school option, like the one offered by Salty Pack at the Dog Hub Noosa! You as a new dog owner ask yourself, “Is puppy school right for my puppy and me?” and these frequently asked questions are to help you make a decision if puppy school is right for you!

When is the best time to start puppy school?

As soon as possible! We encourage early, often, and responsible socialisation with other people and dogs and habituation and neutralisation with the world around for puppies. Dogs go through a critical period of socialisation which is from when the puppy is about 3 weeks up until about 14-16 weeks of age. This is the only time a dog has a chance to generalise their life, after that their learning becomes much more specific. Try to create positive or neutral experiences for you puppy in our big human world so that they are developed into well-equipped, positive, confident, and optimistic dogs when they are older. Puppy school is a great way to learn how to tackle some scary environmental stimulus and appropriately socialise your dog with other people and dogs. 

What will we learn at puppy school?

While puppy school seems to have an emphasis on “puppy” training, it is actually more people training! Puppies learn better in a shorter time than our 45-minute sessions, so the emphasis on learning is more on the owners to take away to be able to do homework during the week! Topics we will cover are most of the basic obedience positions (like sit, stand, drop, look, come, middle), lead walking, prepping for vet visits and/or grooming visits, general dog care for owners, general dog manners and how to manage them, and so much more!

What are the advantages of puppy school?

There are many advantages of attending a puppy school! The biggest is that a good puppy school will help to set your puppy up for success to become a great dog when they are older by giving owners the most up-to-date knowledge and training expertise. Owners also get a chance to have their puppies socialising in a safe environment with a trainer who knows and can read body language and let owners know signs to look out for and body language that the interaction is going well.

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